Personal & Creative Vision


Research notes – on this template

Some tips on composition – based on the work of Steve McCurry



See google images


Choose 2 images. Copy them to a googledoc (with link) and write a brief paragraph to explain why you like one and dislike the other. Your comparison might be of two different patters or the same subject matter dealt with in two contrasting ways.

Shapes + Form

Ultimate Photo



In your own words, summarise the tips presented in the above articles.

Practical application

Produce 3 images which demonstrate an understanding of the use of pattern and shape. 


  • sometimes a pattern can be emphasised by showing a break in the pattern
  • try to provide a sense of scale for the pattern
  • try to find patterns that other people might not have noticed + be creative
  • go beyond human made patterns – find interesting patterns in nature
  • use all of your understanding of shutter speed, aperture and iso to achieve correct exposure
  • Make sure your focus is sharp and controlled

a) Balance

b) Rule of thirds

Google images

Look at your own photographs that you have taken either for this course or for pleasure (although hopefully the two are not mutually exclusive).

Choose one photo where you have effectively used the rule of thirds and put it into a googledoc

Choose one photo where you haven’t. Put this into the google doc and then crop the photo so that it does adhere to the rule of thirds.

c) Symmetry

Does this contradict the above rule?

Google images

School of Digital Photography

c) Leading Lines

Digital Photography School

Google images

d) Horizontal and vertical lines

Icon Photography School

Written exercises

1. Research

Based on the resources above or resources you have found on the same topic, identify 3 links which provide advice and / or inspiration for the topic and in a short paragraph for each link explain how the link was interesting for you and appropriate for your project

2. Planning

Look below at the practical application exercise and write a plan for the images you will produce. For each intended image make a note of anticipated locations, props, and technical considerations such as depth of field, shutter speed and ISO.

Practical Application

Produce 3 images which demonstrate an understanding of composition (filling the frame, rule of thirds and cropping) and lines (curved, suggested and broken, diagonal, vertical, horizontal). 

Perspective & Vantage Point 

From which viewpoint or angle do you want the viewer to see the subject in your photo?

Mastering Photography Series

Framing as an aid to perspective

Great examples on Pinterest


Practical Application

Produce 3 images which demonstrate an understanding of perspective and vantage points.